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Acrylic Bird Cages

Acrylic Bird Cages are recommended by experts as the best type of bird habitat for birds kept in a home. Acrylic bird cages are custom built to suit the needs of your bird. Acrylic Bird cages are perfect for all types of birds, whether you keep small parakeets and finches or larger cardinals, parrots, and Cockatoos. Even hard-to-care for birds like Macaws can be at home in an acrylic bird cage. Acrylic cages can make for a lovely outdoor aviary, but can fit inside of a home just as well.

Each acrylic bird cage is built to fit your ideal cage design, but they all share certain qualities. Each is made from a very tough, clear polycarbonate acrylic material, and quality hardwood. This makes the cage both stronger and more pleasant to look at. Birds inside the cage are able to feel more at home than they might inside a metal enclosure, and the clear walls give a view of your bird that metal bars cannot offer. This is the same kind of view that zoos have been offering birds for years.

Furnishing the cage with branches, perches, and climbing bars can make the acrylic bird cage even more homely and visually pleasing to you and your bird. All acrylic bird cages can be easily outfitted with essential accessories, such as external waterers, lixit bowls, Manzanita branches, and removable trays for easy cleaning. Acrylic bird cages can easily be built to include lighting fixtures, fans, and even allergy preventive air filters. Your bird should be as comfortable in its home as you are in yours.

Each Acrylic Bird Cage is custom built to suit your bird. It's up to you to help design the perfect cage.




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