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Acrylic Bird Cages

These bird cages can live either indoors or outdoors. They are designed to be accessorised. They come with manzanita perches upon request. The bottom of the cage features an easy to remove pull-out tray that can be cleaned easily. While the cage has a hardwood frame, it is built so that the bird cannot bite and damage it. These cages can be built to any size. Bigger birds require bigger cages, and we can build them to suit that need. The inside of the cage is meant to provide your bird with a wonderful home, with a view of the surrounding environment. Birds feel more at home with perches or climbing bars inside the cage. You can also keep your bird entertained with toys. The cage is also designed to show off your birds. Therefore, your ideal cage design is the template for our construction. Though the cages here have hardwood frames, we can build cages without them.

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